2 suvivors walking tere way through a railroad track littered with bodies


Good until I saw the guy in the back closest to the camera walking, looks like he’s gonna fall.

Only the strong survive. Those zombies did not deserve the life given to them twice.

Maybe they shouldn’t have been standing on railroad tracks. :confused:

Posing is solid, and the prop placement looks alright.

the guy in the far bottom tripped rather on a body or the tracks itself
nice picture and angle
i really like your zombie pictures, even though their generic
could use more zombie attacking and dying action but nevertheless, its a damn good pic


orgy. You and your zombies :v:
Really like this one. Keep 'em coming.

Those two are the same picturess!

Silly goose, they are the same but Resistance posted the pic in the edit my screenshot thread.
So by this happening Rapist santa made edited and made a thread.
maybe he should of credited resistance but still.

Nice picture