2 Things that would make the game much better!

Please add a map as this would make the game much easier to figure out it
would also make someone play for longer as it whould be easier to find another
friend and then team up.

Keys to all steam friends:
All of your steam friends should be able to unlock your doors.

It’s easy to use now, all you need to know is the land marks, such as rad towns, rad roads, mountains, sea. If you really dont know any, use the sun.
No, just no.
People would add you just to be able to raid you more easy, this is the most stupid idea I’ve ever heard.
Would be better if just permission are added instead, so you would be able to pick who’s gonna enter and who’s not.

Sun rises East sets in West.

White moutain is north ( BIGGST ONE)

Coast/Water is south, if you cant guide yourself then go somewhere else.

Learn the game first before you give suggestions / passively cry about it.

Yeah the best way for the Door’s would be a way to add people you want to open doors manually. E.g. like clans etc. But still keep personal doors aswell.

You could just decline their invite… Instead of just invite them into your house…

And why isn’t a map a good idea
what whould you like a flying unicorn… I just have some ideas to the game, that would make newbies continue play it instead of losing all hope at first death.

1.) It’s easy to navigate, but I see a map or a compass being helpful so +1 from me.

2.) I think you should be able to give people rights to open your door so if you share a house with a buddy they can also open your doors.