2 types of crossbow pistols!

So I was on the field hunting with my bow while thinking “what is missing there?”… Crossbows!!!

People usually hunt with silent weaponry because we don’t want to be heard since we might get ambushed, but having a bow as the only silent option (besides the silencers) felt wrong. So I suggest we put 2 types of crossbows into this crazy game.

  1. Old School Wooden Crossbow:

Rounds: 1 (hand-feed)
Crafting: Probably with wood (or wooden planks) + some metal fragments + cloth
Arrow Crafting: similar to normal arrows we have

  1. High End One Hand Crossbow:


Rounds: Loadable up to 5
Crafting: Low quality metal + leather
Arrow Crafting: metal fragments + feather (well the feather part might be fun :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is just a request/suggestion so i accept every comments, good or bad. :slight_smile: thank you for reading…

If you want to suggest that a crossbow holds more than one bolt at a time, find one that looks like it was made to hold more than one at a time. But whats the point? You’ve got to pull the string back every time.

Highly agree.

I also think some leather should be needed for the old school crossbow, because ATM the only use leather has is making sub-par armor. It’d be nice to finally have a reason to craft/gather leather.

Because one takes more time,

  • pull back the string
  • add the arrow

how do you pull back the string with a bolt in the way?

When you pull the string, the magazine under it will place the new one, similar like pistons but since pistons use gunpowder and there’s a drawback, it auto-loads itself, but with crossbow, you need to reload it by yourself for the new arrow to be placed

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+1 to that :slight_smile:

So we have to kill babies to make them? This game is getting more and more hardcore.

this would be cool but no scope on it

Yeah i like that, so like the bow, people have to learn how to use it… +1

For the Loading Magazine, something like this maybe…

That is so cool, that would be AWESOME as a drop-only version, since it is certainly more high-tech. Scope might be a nice addition to that as well, given that an arrow projectile is not going to go nearly as far as a bullet, it doesn’t have much potential for becoming overpowered. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a high-mag scope, just something so that you can get a better sight picture at a moderate distance.

Could definitely have two Crossbows like we have two shotguns, (or I guess 3) one being the wooden and stone one, or something like that, and another being Low Quality Metal crafted, or HIGH quality Metal?? haha.

then we can at least let them add some type of high end bow too?

I feel that a standard wood crossbow should be craftable, have a short range, but be quite accurate within that range. As for a high end bow, it should have a significantly longer range, a midrange magnification scope, but have ammunition for it be rather costy, and the high-end bow can only be found in drops and not crafted, so if you lose it, it is gone until you find another.

If the devs worry about realism, and I suspect that they do, then the crossbows should have a considerably higher effective range and damage. To balance them, they could be simple stirrup crossbows (like the one in the OP) which take several seconds to load.

Nice idea. Crossbows both make shift and military grade should come to the game.

Crossbows are very easy to make compared to guns, and arrows are very easy as well.

Good idea and i think when this weapon somehow manages to get into the game it should be cheap so that guys have an early chance to defend themselves