2 urban-military scenebuilds

I couldn’t really come up with any good tittle so yeah… I have already posted one of these, but taking another look at it, I might aswell post it again here because I got a lot of work on both of these images


Also, some bonuses!


Most of the bonuses are test poses or small scenebuilds, but I thought I could drop them here too. Lighting is also something that I’m still trying to improve, so any tip is welcome

The second one looks simply great.

Good job on all of those.

Second one is good, but in the first one the angle’s kind of meh.

Both main pics are okay although as weird as it sounds you need to practice posing dead people, guy in the 2nd pic looks really off and I have no clue what’s going on with the guy in tan’s feet (lower center), those joints are fucked.

Yeah. I kinda rushed the end of the first one, all the rangers were posed and at the last second I though ‘I’ll drop a few dead dudes in there’, and so I spawned a couple of ragdols, threw them to the air and adjusted a bit the poses… Gmod was also freezing somewhy and it was worrying me

The posing is pretty darn good but the second photo especially could use a contrast boost, the whole shot looks like a bit washed out.

i love the second one