2 WWII poses (black and white)



i wanted to test making pictures black and white so i made this. please don’t dumb spam it like my last thread.

To much noise

why is every post rated box? it’s annoying.

Its a script I think

Garry made a script that rates all posts dumb using the ticker.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=792987 your wright it is.

This is doomed to mediocrity, since you can’t really see whether the poses are good or not, and it contains nothing mindblowing.

Nothing really wrong with it though, that I can see from all the grain.

First pic is good but second one has too much noise and posing is bad.

btw, now I know why the first pic seemed familiar. It’s a black-and white grained repost. Not that I’d despise it, it actually looks better like that.