2 Zombie pictures

“No where is safe.” posed by KevinSeven


This one is just an up close of one of the zombies


They’re meh, the first one is a bit dark, and in the second one you didn’t press ‘render’ in Super DoF, or used simple DoF, I can’t see the difference :3:

The posing is pretty bad.

The editing leaves something to be desired, it’s too dark and empty looking, and I can easily tell it’s flatgrass. Also there is no reason why you need to say “posted by [your name here]” considering you are OP.

camera angles are quite bad

Flatgrass has stupid lighting.

Scenebuilds look ugly there.

Yea i made this awhile ago just found it going thru the screenshot folder and yea it really sucks doesn’t it.

Well… if someone edited the shit out of these, they could look pretty good. Methinks.