$20 A model, Examples Provided


I’m looking to have a few models made, and I’ll pay $20 (and up) a piece for them. Just provide a render of the model, and I’ll contact you (through PMs) to obtain an email to send the PayPal certificate.

The following examples were made in Inventor 2010:


It’s got a diameter of 128 hu (Hammer map editor Units), base platform is 16 high, and is total about 192 hu. The blue torus at top would be something like the Ark Reactor from Iron Man. The bottom blue insert is something like a blue-ish combine shield.
I’d be interested in having an electric effect appear as a model animation, (something like the Halo Reach’s teleporter effect). (I’d pay extra for that!)


It has a base diameter of 48 hu, and a height of 128. The top blue orb would be a slow spinning transparent earth globe, (possible binary code rotating it, like electrons around a nucleus? Again I’d pay extra for this) The blue rings at top would be something like the Ark Reactor from Iron Man. The blue panel should have scrolling binary in multiple directions.

Feel free to take artistic liberties with this project, if you’d like the source Inventor files used to make these, just ask. Also, for all these models, the base frame of them should be some sort of combine or portal metal, something new-age. (I also anticipate highly-detailed models.) I look forward to seeing the attempts at these.

Also, if it’s against forum rules for pay-per-projects (or any kind of money distribution) I apologize, I didn’t see that in the rules.

Those actually look pretty easy.

I’m looking for extreme detail, perhaps multiple model animations for effects, such as the globe imploding into binary streams, ect. Also custom textures, and complete integration with garrysmod.

hm ill try the second picture, but I dont know anything about animating models

You might want to raise your price. That shit’s complicated (At least from my point of view) and the amount of hours and troubleshooting one puts in probably isn’t worth 20$. But there are a few good modelers here.

The $20 is the base price, if the model is that good, (or has the potential to be) I’d raise it well above $60. (Or the creators asking price)

Also, if the models are good, there will probably be a few more after these. (With similar payout or more.)

Im just interested, what kind of project are you working on?

I’m working on a new RP game-mode, It’s mainly in-house with my community (Best Serious RP) but I hope to have an open beta running at Christmas.

Wow thats great, i guess this protject of yours is pretty big :smiley: i think this RP mode will be the best ever. so i hope you come with alott more in the future :slight_smile:

did a bad render but heres what I came up with after a few minutes of work

Posted 4 days ago:


We got in contact, and I’m going to hire him. Sorry for any wasted work. I appreciate what was done.