20 fps on lowest with Notebook for 1050 dollars

Hi guys. Got Lenovo y50-70 bought half a year ago ,specs are : gf - gtx860m , procesor: Intel Core i5 4210H Haswell and 8 gig of ram.
When i try to run fullHD with good graphic quality , got like 2 fps. With 1360x768 and fastetst option got like 22 fps.
Got installed the latest graphic drivers , have no idea whats going on.

Make sure the game is using your dedicated GPU rather than the integrated Intel 4600 chip. On my laptop, NVIDIA fails to see Rust as a game so it doesn’t switch the graphics over to the GPU. You can do this in the NVIDIA Control Panel. I’d make sure the laptop is in High Performance mode as well, as most will throttle down your hardware otherwise.

I’ll boot my laptop up (Razor Blade, GTX765M) to see what kind of FPS it gets on the various settings and report back.

EDIT: I get around 30 FPS at 1600x900 on a GTX765M on ‘Fantastic’.

Thank you a lot. It works. Changed it in Nvidia control panel.

Great to hear :slight_smile:

Really helpful post to a forum noob there iDyn. I would +1 you if I could… :wink:

don’t buy laptop for gaming, buy them to work, and with the money of your work, buy a serious personal computer for like… 400 bucks, which can run ANY game you want with 100 fps.

i noticed that you solved your problem, which means im a moron. but hey man, 1000 bucks for a lap top is expansive!

I am getting on Full HD with simple graphics around 30 fps outside . It is still weak , was expecting much more from 4 gig ram gtx 860m :frowning:
This card runs crysis 2 on maximum settings with 30 fps though.

Don’t compare a finished, optimized, polished game with an alpha when talking about performance. That’s like saying the car in your driveway gets better gas mileage than the prototype engine that’s still being R&D’d in the shop. It might be true but it’s a pretty invalid comparison to make; it means little except that performance in Rust is poor right now, and everyone knows that.

Sometimes you need a laptop tho. I’m in SoCal with a 2 bedroom apartment and a kid so I don’t have a ton of extra space. My laptop set me back about 2400 bucks but it plays everything completely maxed @ 1080P and normally hits 60-120 FPS for major titles (Dying Light, Fortnite, Hopefully GTA V lol) but I just don’t have room for a desktop so it’s where I’m at. Thank god for the 980M lol

Or you just want a laptop. There are plenty of good gaming laptops out there. I game sitting on a bed - and don’t want a mouse or to have to sit at a desk to game. It is obvious desktops are cheaper and have better specs for gaming, but I would never want a desktop for gaming. I sit at a desk enough for work.

Lenovos are horrible. period

AMD FX 8350
GTX 980
16 Gb RAM 1866 mhz

Rust on SDD

FPS = 17~
Join speed = ~1 min

i5 something something

Fps 20 on 1080p lowest setting

Great game would lag again