20 Minute connecting times.

I’m getting tired of having to wait atleast 20 minutes to connect to a server. My brother doesn’t have this problem but we have the same specs, I have a 50mb/s broadband connection. I have about 10 addons too. If you need any other details just ask. :smiley:

Post what addons you have, that might help.

I’ll do it tomorrow, since im on my laptop instead of PC.


Try http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Cleaning_GMod


He meant he wasn’t on the computer he has Gmod on.

exactly :v:

if it doesnt work, do these things: Buy a better computer, get 5gb of ram for the new computer, get a Nividia Geforce HD graphics card, play gmod, ???, PROFIT!!

That was so helpful oh and you used that stupid Meme wrong