20 must-have addons

i just transfered computers. looking for 20 must have addons for garrysmod. no game modes.

10 building, 10 model packs.


I would like this as well.

Spawn point tool

All those are pretty essential. I’ve not properly tried SBEP but it has an easy-snap weapon system, and the model pack has a myriad of different modular ship parts so you can make more functional ships with less parts, more stability and less lag. It’s not made so you can create a masterpiece of a ship, it’s made so you can build a giant ship that won’t shit on your PC.


  • Wire
  • Stacker
  • Smartsnap
  • Gcombat
  • Gcombat Extended (GCX)
  • Weight
  • Multi-parent
  • Smart Constraint
  • Easy Precision (Probably included in PHX, not too cluey on that)
  • UWSVN (Wire extras)

Model Packs:

  • PHX
  • Wire model pack, obviously.
  • Spacebuild pack (Depending on how clogged you want your spawn list to become)
  • Left 4 Dead.
    And apart from that, it really depends on what you like/want. Fallout Model pack is great, Doctor who was fun for me. Just take a look around.

Gcombat still works for gmod? I thought it was broke and the SVN was outdated, Same with spacebuild.

What about something like stargate?

There’s an older GCombat version (8_1, methinks) that works.
Spacebuild switched SVN, v3 works.

On top of the other suggestions, I’d add these:
-the ‘What is That?’ tool
-the fin tool
-the Joystick module
-SmartSnap (duuh)
-the ExtendedLanguage and AdditionalKillicons packs (although I don’t know if you can get those anymore)

I disagree with getting GCombat or SB/SBMP. I sure find them fun at times, but GCombat is overrated and SBMP is, well… too big. SB3 is too hard to get your hands on, you search FP, you find beta topic with no links.

That’s because you’re not allowed to give out the SVN links, you have to go to this link: http://www.snakesvx.net/index.php/module_Wiki2/title_Help_Info_SVN


Oh, and you need PHX 3 and Wire, or else you’ll see shit loads of errors on other servers.

But if I remember correctly, Gcombat needs some version of resource distributation or something old like that. Is it still the case? See, I just recently found out about how to do svns and I am still used to mods being broken from garrysmod.org

No, it used to need RD since it had an ammo system, but it was taken out, and rightly so. You still need Wiremod to operate the guns.

Ive made a list to remind myself of the best (imo) and got up to 12.

  1. Smartsnap
  2. Smartwelder
  3. Prop Stacker
  4. Wiremod - SVN
  5. Phoenix-Worx Model Pack 3 - SVN
  6. Advanced Duplicator
  7. Advanced Prop Spawner
  8. Weight STOOL
  9. EngineMod 09
  10. Mobile Spawnpoint - very handy
  11. Extended Mouse Control
  12. ElectroMod - this is not a final release yet but it works well when you figure it out - no more numpad driving

PHX, Wire Model Pack, CS:S, and SmartSnap are all that are 100% required (though the full Wire ensemble is recommended, if you don’t like it just get the models so you don’t see a bunch of errors).

JoyStick Module is fuckin’ win if you have a joystick.