20% Off First Three Months until Friday!

[NNJG] Server Hosting is offering 20% off the first THREE months until Friday.
Coupon code: 20FP11
I suggest it!

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the rules, multiple threads in the "Server Hosting" section advertising his "company"" - Mr. Gestapo))

The website is kind of boring, getting tired of the default whcms website, get something else, a wordpress website even! Prices aren’t bad, but with low prices would you be the type to overload your boxes?

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I have some questions for you,

Who are you Colocating/Renting from?
What ISPs does that provider have connections to?
What spec of servers does your company operate?
Do you own any /24s?
Do you have a test server that we can try?

iWeb, in Montreal
They have 100% Uptime Guaranteed.
They have access to level3, peer1, cogent, and more here http://iweb.com/about-us/networks/
What is a /24 ?
Our Garrysmod test server is at
Also, we’re working on a FREE FastDL system, which we hope to have running by Friday.

test server doesn’t work.

If you don’t know what a /24 is then you should not be running a GSP, period.

Seriously, I’m tired of server operators (let alone GSPs) not knowing how IP works.


Try again?
I just tested it and it works fine.

I’m seeing way too many threads/posts from you advertising your shitty hosting. Stop it.

If you’re going to sell hosting at least get a different website than the default WHMCS theme. Not to mention it’s probably pirated.

  1. It isn’t pirated, we pay the normal price like everyone else.
  2. We have a website: http://nonerdsjustgeeks.com/hosting .
    Think before you post.

Surprisingly it isn’t:

Not to mention the section rules:

Just shows not to put your faith in these guys really.

His questions were:

Your responses were:

It’s an answer

That’s not a company

See, these are what question two was about. They aren’t servers though, silly boy.

You run this gig?

Apparently not.