$20 to anyone who solves this



I want to export 3d models and textures from Rust. I’m satisfied as long as they are in format that is supported by Blender/Maya/3DSmax


  • NinjaRipper (free version)
  • Trying to open Rust in Unity (I don’t know why either) :ohno:
  • Trying to find a program that opens Rust’s .content and .bundle files
  • Zenhax Unity Assets Explorer (partially working)


Zenhax’s tool seems to manage to open the files, but it doesn’t extract them due to memory shortage :confused:


Mr. TravenDives has found the solution! A huge thank you! Didn’t even want to take the money, said that helping others is a reward in itself for him (WHAT A GUY!)

Again, thank you.

Unity Studio was what me and Rikugun used to extract Verdun Models.


I’ll take that free lunch now.

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“Finished extracting 0 files” when I give the program a 1.8GB .content file to extract. The same with trying to Load File :confused: Do you by any chance have Rust to check if it works on your PC?

Did you try intel GPA ? is a great way to rip models and textures.

I’m giving it a go right now, will update in a sec

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Easy Anti Cheat does a great job at preventing external programs :confused:

I have tried connecting to official servers and even when I set up my own server it doesn’t allow me. I guess I’ll have to make my way past EAC somehow :confused:

Now that I post it, I’m starting to think if it all is legal D:


The Intel GPA program seems that it could work, but I can’t get past EAC now :confused:

If you own the game, extracting and using the assets are not illegal. Contributing the raw assets and sharing them are, however.

Thank you for making this clear for me :slight_smile: I will not distribute any assets I’ll extract.

That made me think, was it an illegal action for guys who extracted Fallout 4 models and uploaded them to SFM workshop?

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Traven, it worked. I messaged you about your reward :smiley:

I sent you a P.M, i don’t need money :wink: keep it. A thank was better than money.

The download link was taken down:(