$200 Gamemode Request - LUA Coders wanted


As all of you most likely know, the role play scene of Garry’s mod is mostly consumed by Dark RP and PERP variants. I am very, very, tired of this, and am looking for a dedicated, or group of dedicated LUA coders to make something that will beat out these role play game modes. Dark RP is very common, and PERP is leaked, and is becoming as common as Dark RP. I am looking for something to help revive our love in Role play game modes and move Garry’s mod along for GMOD13. This pay in negotiable. Please contact me at any time on any of the options below:


www.bentspoongaming.net , register & PM “Wargate”

The game mode can be GMOD13 ready, but a copy for the current version of GMod would be available.

Thank you, and all offers and experience will be recognized and appreciated.

You aren’t even describing your gamemode, besides the fact DarkRP and PERP suck.

Roleplay, I don’t care about much else, as long as you will pick this game mode over PERP I’m happy. Nothing too strange.


Your welcome.