200 people on east

Not too sure why the decision was made to drop the US to two servers but there is currently about 200 people on US east right now and you can’t move 5 feet without being on top of someone else.

i know right they could at lest say why they took down renton or say when a us server is going up

Give them a bit…they might be testing something…

yea too many ppl jammed into a small ass place. its confusion all over the place. cant even get wood or metal without being a part of a orgy of penis trying to rock one another

Just wait for abit and they will most likely pull back up the servers…they are trying to update everyones account and servers.

god i hope. its a mad house on the server

No dude, I don’t think so. They finished the updates early this morning. I think they took 2 US servers away because they added a few more European servers…

Well let me ask you this then…how does that Benefit us over in US? when are more EU servers and higher ping for US players as well…im sure there is no favoritism for county’s :words:

US needs at LEAST 6 servers. 2 West, 2 East, and 2 Central (just because). Jam packing everyone onto two servers is RIDICULOUS. Not to mention the West one is down now.

I have to agree on this…

same here

they jammed everyone into one server to load test the new update and find bugs in the update. This will show them how the new update performs.

No they didn’t. They would have said that, and not list the other one on the join page if they did. The server is broken, that’s why it’s down and people are flooding to the other one because they want to get into the game. Stress testing is a near end of development function. Not in a pre-Alpha (“pre-Alpha” as in not public Alpha).

You’re wrong. When people were crying for new/more servers this was what Garry and the Dev team stated. I’ll search and find where they said it.

How expensive are servers? I would love to see much more of them and a better server browser

Part of the problem is that a lot of folks from other countries are playing on the US servers because they like greifing the Americans. So I think I’m going to start playing on one of the EU servers…

EU is too laggy, and the US server is just absolutely disgusting, if you go into a factory you will find 100+ bags with rocks & torches in them, everybody is running around killing each other, its not very pleasant if you’re trying to start off.

So few servers wouldn’t be so bad if the map itself was fully done, instead of just the small segment of it that has nodes/buildings/road. As is it’s a bloodbath.

Primus why did you raged quit on server 2 :).

back on topic : I think that 1 or 2 server would be fine(east) and 1 west but not more then this.

Also, I’m pretty sure they just have 1 set up to test out how the servers takes big amount of players, they are well aware that eu alone will not get 200 players at peak time but us yes. Sometimes before crying to favoritism, you should use your head, maybe it’s not natural to some of you but at least try?

This is an alpha so the concern is to perform tests, find bugs and improve the game. Maybe they wanted to stress test their servers with more players thus forcing everyone to join only 2. Not disagreeing with the TC in that there should be another server, but it is expected for these servers to go down and up.