2000-2002 style 75th Rangers

[tab]Name:[/tab]2000-2003 style 75th rangers.

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Requirements:[/tab]Gmod, a brain.

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.filefront.com/15359515/us_rangers.zip

[tab]Credits:[/tab]Zupadupazupadude, Sixtoes, Stealthsilver, staknhalo, taggart, simkas.




[pose by the-dutch-guy]

The-dutch-guy wanted me to release them so…

Looks nice.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

good job.

BTW im planning on a desert version but…moewah, its up to you guys do you want me to make a desert version? :expressionless:

A desert version would be cool. I don’t really know anything bout army uniforms, is there anything else besides camo and desert troops, trying something new might be cool

PS: do i need CS:S or something to have one of the faces, cause they all work cep’t for one. also helmets, berets?

The base were my Delta Force, right?
Also, did you keep the eye and face posing working? The pictures make it seem like you didn’t.
Also the helmet looks really off in the first picture, it’s really oddly position and I don’t think there are any helmets where the straps go to the very back of the helmet, most have them to go the middle part.

I only reskinned taggarts generic 2009 troopers and added new physics.


You need to have the bodygroup changer to change the helmet to beret or cap and such. No you dont need CSS for this.

Oh, the body on those was from my Delta Force so I was right about the first part.
I don’t remember the helmet on those looking like that though, that’s odd.

hmm, maybe i installed it wrong, well I at leats ive got the bgc

Edit: I guess its just me but im having trouble with only the male_03 face its just purple and black squares.

Wel taggart released some navy seal style soldiers and taggart hacked those helmets, and a beret and stuff. BTW about the strap, thats just how a PASGT helmet strap looks :slight_smile:


All sorts of Camos will be great.

More like 1985-2003

Yeah, sorry. :q:


ill take your request, what kind of camo do you want?

Possibly a Desert Storm pattern would be cool.

You mean like the BHD rangers?



BHD cams. Uh…(even though I think its gay) urban and MARPAT and all those others.

2003 style US Desert (tri color) camo with the woodland vests would be badass.

Pic (middle) (fucking media AND image tags weren’t working) :