2000 AD Judge model / Judge Dredd model.

I saw a thread requesting these in the Screenshot section, and i figured “Fuck it, why not” So im making a request thread here.

Pretty much, yeah, Judge Dredd and/or a Judge model (and then Dredd after thats made)

I’d be willing to help do most of the texture work, since thats pretty much all i can do in this department, cant do model shit worth jack.

Images of said Judges:

Comic Book Dredd:



Movie Dredd (The good one, with Karl Urban):



There does exist a helmet model for Dredd, made by OneFreeMan for his model thread, if thats of any help, and i assume for the comics version, a skintight type outfit would work (take me and Shotups’ spider-men, as an example of a model that could be used and modified), or even something looser and more like a motorycycle suit.

For the Dredd 3D model, not sure about that one, but more military styled models could probably be used, the body armor and shoulderpads might be a bit difficult, but doable.

The comic book dredd seems oddly easier to do, but it’d be a bitch for the accessories, while the movie one seems more of a bitch to do, but more overall.

Also, a Lawgiver wouldnt hurt, but would almost certainly require it be 100% custom modeled.

Comic Lawgiver:

Movie Lawgiver:


Oh and for the love of god if anyone does this, if you do Dredd and not just a generic street Judge, dont you fucking dare bodygroup his helmet or even keep any of his head intact thats not required for the model to be complete, no features or even a texture, just black shadow.
We dont need another Stallone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think if you could get a helmet, a blacklight model could be used for the 2012 movie model.

Which blacklight model though?

The movie one is really specific in some areas with how it looks.

Hunter speaks the truth.


Take away some of the bigger pouches and add more pistol pouches and you’ve got a pretty convincing Judge.

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Needs the shoulder pads though.

It certainly needs some modification but it would probably work.

And probably different thighs and new gloves that go up to the elbows.

And elbowpads.

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And yeah, shoulder pads.

Been following this for a while.

I read a comment from the creator on his one youtube video, apparently its done, but he’s waiting to finish up the lawmaster before releasing it, not sure how long that’ll be though.

Go the thread bodygrouped, though.

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Heh, that would’ve been my failed thread. But yeah +1. Just saw this movie and now I totally want to see these in Gmod + a female version because yeah, recreating movie fantasies in my mind.

the model is stunning ,i hope it will be released …great work