2000 Balls down the hill

Ok. I promised it and here it is. Also at the request of Deri102: here is your song.

(still processing)

Reminds me of an ant hill :ohdear:

holy shit :24.

The music made this more interesting than the last one, but I would say you definitely need to work on the presentation aspect.

There was one shot in here that lasted maybe 10 or 15 seconds, and it was just of a hill, no objects. I’d recommend something like the cat-mull rom camera tool, so that you can create some sweeping and epic camera angles to follow the objects. Just fine-tune it, I know you’re not making something serious here.

Looks like an army charging.

Anyone else reminded a littlebit of the scene in two towers where the riders of rohan come pouring down that rediculously steep hill?

Aahaha were is your god now when 2000 balls come to crush you!

Aaaw thanks <3

Oh, shit, RUN!

:smiley: love you man (in a very very gay way…i mean…err…not gay)

I was expecting them to destroy something or someone at the bottom :frown:

That was interesting:)

Next Up, 3000 Balls :eng101:

XD 3000 wont work 2001 is max props with over 10 polys. So if you can make me a shpher with less than 10…ill do 3000 and make it break stuff at the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Totally-non-gay-trying-to-avoid-faggotry-high-five!

indeed! :smiley: non-faggotry-ftw although im not saying gays are wrong… but they are…anyways. any idea of waht prop to use next?

Whoa, that’s pretty kick ass.

This is why I love the source engine.

Instantly one of my favourite videos!
Very Nice, I wish my computer could run that many objects at that kind of speed (Wait, I gotta go test it)!
But very Nice video, Love it! :buddy:

I demand… 10,000 BALLS!

Yeah…I can’t run even 500 balls on my comp :saddowns: