2001: A Space Odyssey recreation!


I dont have photoshop or anything so i had to work with Gmod. Obviously with those restrictions I couldnt make this is good as it could have been. But with my limitations I gave it my own spin. I couldnt find a good astronaut so I just used Master Chief. I think this turned out pretty well all things considered :smile:

Please leave feedback and criticism, and if youre not familiar with 2001: a space odyssey then you can watch the scene this is from here

Are you fucking serious?

Don’t be rude and give some actual criticsm to the op instead of just being a dick.

There is nothing to give a criticism about it.

What an asshole-ish thing to say. Giving actual criticsm to help someone out is a lot nicer then just out-right insulting them and their work.

Anyway op, I think the use of Master chief doesn’t really suit the original image and the background map doesn’t really suit it either (In the movie, it was a dug out hole on the surface of a (the?) moon. Also, the pose is a little off, as it looks someones suprised Master chief as he was in the middle of walking, while the original looks a lot more casual, but tense. You also could of altered the lights to have the same 4 by 3 the oiginal picture did. Also, it’s all a bit to tightly packed in, and you could of used a slightly wider angle to give more distance between the lights and the chief.

The lights look alright, but they definetly need to be more bright in the middle of their source, like the image. Also, since the shot is on a weird angle, it kind of disrupts the flow of the original image, and seems kinda unnesecary. Also, the glowing blue wire really needs to go.

1:if you are looking for photo editing software gimp is a free and good alternative to Photoshop

2:your lighting could do with some work Illuminate the background a bit more to show some detail of the map itself. the blue light seems unnecessary looking at both pics and the red/orange ones could do with being brought down a setting or three

3:pic your cast carefully cheif is not the best replacement for an average space man I would have gone with something like this maybe http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=155572991&searchtext=astronaut

hope this helps a bit

Something like this might work even better?

the lamps are very bright and distracting. there are some floodlight props that would look better. if you used those with bloom, it would look exactly like in the movie. (just to clarify, i mean the flare effect that the lamp causes)

Youre totally right, I totally didnt see how big of an issue this stuff was while I was making it. I might try again later, but thanks for not being an asshat

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Definetly really helpful. I didnt really notice any of these things as flaws until you guys pointed them out, but I agree. Although do you mean the lights should be lower?

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That looks perfect, I have a save of the original map and im trying this whole thing again. ALthough its probably best to leave the map dark, since in reality its kinda empty looking. I obviously didnt have the perfect set of props to recreate the scene the way it should look

Also, chief is posed a bit awkwardly. Looks like he’s dancing. Not much going on in the scene, either.

That said, those lighting effects could be useful in a dramatic/horror scene.

I could see that given the hands and arms, but he is supposed to look startled/confused

Well, a good start to recreate the scene would to have him at least stand/walk in the way the guy is in the picture. Nice try though

Maybe it’s just my impression of it, but that frame doesn’t seem particularly iconic, so I’d say the final result ended up looking a little generic more due to what you chose to base it from. Nothing about your screenshot reminds me of one of the most revered and famous science fiction movies, but then again I could say the same of the actual screencap, so I don’t really blame your attempt.

Then again it’s been ages since I watched A Space Odyssey, so what do I know, I should be executed for cinematic treason.

Alot of these comments are letting me see the picture from another perspective. I liked it at first but now I agree with you. There is actually alot of other shots I wanted to attempt to recreate but without any knowledge of how to use things like Gimp I really couldnt. besides that theres alot of things that just dont have Gmod models yet that I would need

don’t use those glowing laser wires they look dumb

try to get some sharper lighting in there too. look up “three-point lighting”

brightness wise yes

what are you talking about, there’s nothing wrong with the light brightness (well maybe the blue is too saturated). the main problem here is how dull it is; use lamps to bring out the character’s silhouette like in the reference picture

I understand three point lighting but not the “use lamps to bring out the character’s silhoette”

rim lighting, basically. i should have worded it better. look at how the dude in your reference pic is lit up; the bright spotlight from almost directly behind him and the smaller lights from the side create a white outline around the character, separating him from the dark background and making him an instant attention-grabber to the viewer. none of this is present in Chief and he’s thus blends in with the black walls and is extremely boring to look at

Youre so right, im taking this into consideration with projects im working on right now