2009 Mini Helicopters

Well I haven’t released any helicopters for about a year so I’m releasing the mini choppas I made throughout 2009. This is my first post here so let me get used to using it. So how do I upload pictures and stuff? Sorry I expected a little button or something for attachments.

Wow you found those fast. I uploaded those and by the time I logged in here you had that post up.









Gun camera view with FLIR;


3rd person inside the choppa view;






There’s mah choppas. If you only download one, I’d go with a SUAV. They’re definitely unique.

Here’s the FLIR link

Here’s the GDC SVN - you’ll need it for the guns. Yes it’s safe, I made it, and it requires gcombat core to work and GCX if you want to see the bullet models. I’ll probably be including them in the SVN. Right now it’s only on Nodex, but you can use it on your server if you want to.


If you don’t know how to use the SVN, make a folder and use the SVN checkout thingy to that link.

By the way to see these choppas you’ll need;

PHX3 SVN for sure ----- People say they can’t see most of the helicopters because this isn’t up to date. UPDATE IT!
Wire SVN for sure

Here’s a video of the SUAV. I didn’t make the video and not the entire thing is from the suav, the parts with the really fancy HUD are the AC130. But you get the point.

Here’s a brief description of the helicopters.

Acrobat - My first minicopter, this can easily do barrel rolls and backflips. It’s a little harder to fly than the others. WASD pitches and rolls, m1 m2 yaws, and space and shift go up and down. R shoots.

Bluebird - My second helicopter. This is fairly easy to fly and is meant for ground target strafing. WASD pitches and rolls, m1 m2 yaws, and space and shift go up and down. R shoots.

SUAV M390 - My third helicopter, this thing flies itself in a circle around the map while you gun. Press space for camera mode, shift zooms, and WASD moves the camera around. M1 m2 shoot the guns. The sensor tracks anything in front of it using my leet angular tracking expression. It orbits at a distance of 390 meters from the center of the map, hence the “M-390.” This is not the newest version of this helicopter, keep in mind I only release a tiny percentage of my stuff. Have fun! By the way this thing only works on the biggest maps (such as freespace) and it will crash into the walls on small maps like flatgrass.

Kamil - My 4th minicopter, this is for general attack. Mouse controls pitch and roll while WASD yaws and goes up and down. This is compatible with some of my attachments which are included in the download. M1 M2 fires the attachments if you have them spawned.

SUAV Strafer - My sixth helicopter. I released 1-4 and skipped 5 because it is imperfect. Anyway, for those of you who downloaded the SUAV M-390 and liked it, this is an alternative to going is circles forever. This variant of the SUAV is built for strafing (hard mounted weapons with extra firepower). Of course its Semi-Unmanned so you don’t have to fly it yourself; you line up targets and unload ordinance. The downside to this is that the entire helicopter body must be facing the target and therefore there is no bullet drop compensation. The controls for this helicopter are much harder to get used to and it uses every available button. Read the thread carefully!

FUCK YES oh and http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=81292






Kamil and BLuebird are backwards btw



Good job!
No suprises from good o-… i mean Gener-… If i say old should i say Generic too? i mean that could be redundant…

What models do you need


I’m getting a shitload of errors


Thanks generic

O.o iv seen the acrobat heli its really good, Aura showed me once.

Mini helicopters are nice, I’m more interested in the FLIR and the WASD Aiming System.

They are very blocky, I always told you that on Nodex :confused:

But thanks for the FLIR, even though I made one my self this one is better :smiley:

shit you uploaded these ? i gotta play gmod again :smiley:

these things are awesome. especially the M-390 with the FLIR on

There has been so many releases this week, it must be that time of the year or something.

What the fuck?

Damn it, how do you guys make the helicopters even get of the ground??? anyways sexy helichoppers

Very nice… Anyway, do you think you could ever make a tutorial for building those?


How exactly do you make those fly? thrusters? an e2?


These are nice and all, and I hate to be negative… But I think these crash servers. At least I think it’s these.

I’ve been on several different servers, and once in a while various minges have spawned helicopters which looked an awful lot like these (I’m almost positive it’s these), and most of the time, after they spawn them, the physics for the entire map goes all nuts.

After that moment, until a server restart, all props spawned bob up and down, clipping in and out of the world in a very strange way. Stuff like that.
No idea why this happens, but it’s beginning to be used as a malicious minge-hack. I had to ban some guy from my server the other night, cause he would connect, spawn it, crash the physics, and disconnect/repeat. =/

Again, not completely sure if it’s these… And that would suck, cause they do look awesome.

Generic sucks at optimizing/de-lagging his contraptions.
All his heli’s seems to be un-server-friendly :expressionless: