[2011 screenshot never realeased] Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet


I wanted to startle the forum, that was kind of stupid I guess, I wanted to know if that forum really hanged up only on the reputation or on the fact that the screenshots are only into precise and futile categories ( War, Post apocaliptic war, Cyber War… and war.)

I was right on side the categories, but I was wrong about the elitist one.

So you are free to watch this, judge me by this, but at least I wanted you to see what’s in there.

awsum now pls if u coul stop bozering me on steem zatd be gret ty

I luv ur cack, its so taysti,and zen ur ess.

i cn only but dizagri wit u cuz obvosly ur oter skreen ar wei mor shit therfor beteir bt zat onli mi opinon

Where am I?

eeeh, probably belongs in the WTPAPBDWTMAT thread

you’re in HELL little man

and I am the DEVIL

it’s hilarious because you come from france and type like that

what is happening


Dumbs go there! Rant that Putrid pale imitation of bullshit!

Before It went Viral Viral Viral Viral Viral Viral Viral Viral Viral.

Are you going to force me to make a post where i type like a retard again or , i’m good ?

also , you’re right ! in real , je parle comme ça hon hon hon

I still love you.

Hon Hon hon.

This is like a performance art piece I love it

Animay is Seyten.

Please don’t Mel Gibson me.

Im so confused.

This speaks to me on many levels,

But it also makes me want to poop.

Profound works of fart, 7.98/10

this is a master[sp]bation[/sp]piece

Hint hint: Self-deprecation isn’t funny when your work is genuinely bad. You’re just preaching to the choir.

Smile, I expected better from you. You disappoints me son, especially when I see how you criticize my work.

What the fuck is happening in this thread.

I. . . What?