2012 - (You Decide/Choose your own adventure/Do whatever the fuck you want)

The rules are pretty basic, first person to respond chooses what happens. As long as it’s not too stupid.

Story: The year? 2013. It’s January 1st, you had a huge party with tons of friends the previous night. Celebrating, you know, New Years and proving the Mayans wrong… or so you thought.

Anyways, here you are. In your lousy apartment, waking up with a headache. What do you do?


Inventory: Spaces available: 2
Total amount of spaces: 2

Health: 100%

why do people do this weird story shit now? its fucking stupid and retarded

Thanks for your opinion, you can now leave.

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Well, I’m goin’ to bed. Or just leaving the site for now, hopefully someone will make a reply that’s not stating what they think, but rather something that involves the comic.

Find some pills to get rid of the headache and gulp 'em down with water. Go outside and see Jim. Maybe he has a job for you to do.

Now what’s wrong with story? In case you didn’t know, you kind of need that for a comic.

Anyway, work that hangover out of your system. Look around, get outside. See what’s up.

I’m not totally sure who I should pick, Jacknife was first but… eh, something about that post I don’t like.

Uhm… hmm…

Find some pills to get rid of the headache and gulp 'em down with water. Go outside and see Jim. Maybe he has a job for you to do.

Do it.

I’m just gonna go with Jacknife, but take out the Jim part. If there’s any other characters, I’m gonna choose them.

You look around for anything to get rid of that nasty headache.


Nope, you’re all out. Might as well go to the store and get something.


Hmm, it’s really foggy today… wait, which way was the store?

(My posing is getting sloppier than usual, I apologize for that.)

Forward. Also, if getting spare money means mugging someone. Do it.

You wonder forward through the fog, but you don’t make it far. There’s a loud moan, being the paranoid guy that you are, you duck behind a car. When you look up, you see a figure in the distance.


What do you do?

Notice that the crowbar is something else than crowbar, its overused.

I’m still waiting for what you do…

Paranoid, you grab the crowbar incase it’s a murderous drunk hobo

You wrap your cold fingers around the rusty crowbar, you throw your hand in the air to show the crowbar’s glory to the world.


Unfortunately, the creature attacked you.



Uh oh! Now what?!

Grab your health bar from the edge of the screen and hit him repeatedly with it.

Using your wits, you kick the creature away and reach up and grab onto the bar.


It doesn’t budge, so you climb on top.


Now what?

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I don’t really know why I did that.

(If you can’t see most of the pics, they’re probably loading.

Mario stomp him.

Put on glasses and say “Fuck this shit I’m going to space” then ride to space on it.

Break out the kamehameha!!!

State:" Fuck gravity!" and float away pointlessly.