2013 Metroid Prime WIP Thread.

well, its been a while for me, but ive advanced alot. this thread is to show off already finished stuff and things im working on, so without further delay, heres what i have so far!.
so ive ripped all arm cannon models from the 3 prime games, the prime 1 models are all properly aligned with no skewing, however the prime 2 dark beam and the prime 3 plasma beam have a little mis-alignment idk why though, as well as a texturing hiccup as the game originally layered things weirdly, so things aren’t accurate.

Download it here
I also have the entire morph ball collection complete.
Available here

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask, but i will NOT be releasing these in the old addon format(gmod 12 and below).

Now onto the soon to be started WIP’s:

  • Metroids… lots of em…
  • Space Pirates, including theyre tech.
  • The Chozo, well what limited things we see of em ingame anyways
  • The Luminoth
  • The Ing
  • Dark Samus
  • Phazon Stuff (creatures, formations etc…)

Possible big WIP’s:

  • Porting of Game Maps
  • Sound Porting

Really cool. Now we just need someone to make a Metroid prime SWEP with all the effects/animations. If you could rip the animations and weapon effect materials I think it would be a fun project for myself to do since I love the metroid series so much.

Unfortunatly because 3d ripper DX had to be used the animation data is unobtainable, the textures for the effects and the effect models, like particle effects for the shots can be ripped, also if i can find a way i may be able to rip audio…

Hey, thanks, I’ve been meaning to animate a cannon for a while, and now I have a model to use

bear in mind that prime’s and prime 2 & 3’s models are different

It would be so cool if you could re-create metroid prime (the first one) In the source engine.

there isn’t much likelihood of that happening, too many resources to ripp and ALOT of coding is required…

If you can find a coder that will code all the npcs and a mapper that will recreate the whole world. Then yeah it is possible.

but VERY unlikely to happen, as the baseline fact is, the HUD and arm cannon would take too much coding to work.

Well, HUD and arm cannon is the easy part. NPCs and stuff is the hard part.

thats just for ripping, the animations have to be HAND MADE, and specific programming has to be done for certain features, it’ll just take too long.

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Sorry the threads been quiet for a while, but college and real life have kept me busy, however i have a treat for all of you :smiley: Enjoy!

well you people are gonna love me XD, ive managed to get ALOT of T-Posed models from prime 2 and 3, heres a few renders to show you what i have (warning they’re 1920x1080):
Endgame PED Suit with Nova Beam and Hazard Shield:

Dark Suit with Grapple Beam and Gravity Boost

Light Suit

I will make sure all of these have correct texturing and i will have a version rigged without the arm cannon to make it compatible with my arm cannon addon pack.


You sir, deserve a medal. I’ve been waiting so long for more Metroid Prime Content. Amazing series.

I would think the hard part of porting a Prime into Source would be - I dunno - the continuous world? Source can’t do continuous environments without load freezes. Half-Life 2 and Portal are proof of that. The Primes just keep the doors shut until the next area is loaded, they don’t outright freeze the gameplay.

Shame; I’ve always wanted to see a Source-based Metroidvania game, but you’d have to be really crafty with Source’s crude map-loading system. Wonder if you’d be able to pull it off by just keeping it on one map with dynamic instance-loading…

Neat. Reminds me of my morph ball addon that I never finished. Maybe I’ll brush this up and work on it some more.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9780864/morph ball.webm

That’s cool! o.o

Just needs some refinement, a trail and changeable morphball models now :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week or so, but ive been busy with college work, however there should be new content over the next 2 weeks. so look forward to addon updates and new ripps.

heres a little treat for ya (thank you suit upgrade cutscene and MPxViewer

enjoy! (i dont know if the reflections would work in gmod but the illums and bump maps certainly will)