2013 New Year Presents

If you are interested in making models and releasing them, it’s a good chance to release now. it’s new year bros.
So I decided to release a few models which were made few months ago, and were abandoned for a long time.
Though they’re not so cool in quality, I hope you enjoy.

Chemwar, MVD, Secret Services

Download via Workshop: Click Here
**Download via Filefront(will be removed in no time by filefront): **Click Here



me for porting, activision and treyarch for original models and textures, and most importantly, luxox for ripping them.

Feel free to release yours. enjoy.

Nice work, only bit of critique I can give from the pics is that the smoothing could be improved.

New year - it’s time for fuckin’ magic.
Thank you, nice work. :smile:

No much effort given. I should have done more :confused:

Awesome! I have been waiting for those Secret Service guys!

It was fun testing boh the Chemwars and the Secret Service guys, do you mind adding this pic to the OP BTW?


how do i download it frm the workshop?

Click subscribe on the addon’s page. It’ll start downloading the next time you start GMod.

can you upload these to a non-workshop location please? garrysmod.org is fine, i just use models in l4d2, not gmod.

Alrighty. link will be in OP in a few minutes.

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New Link


hexagon retextured by me

Looks like a type of reptile.

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thank you.