[2017] GmodStore Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition


Welcome back to another Gamemode Competition thread! The last one went well enough that people were interested in another one. Naturally I had to choose a better time than before so now we’re here! GmodStore is the main body behind this competition and is making this competition possible.

Prize Pool: $4,025
Event Starting Date: June 9th 2017
Event Ending Date: July 31st 2017
Theme: No theme this time around!

The rules are going to be different this time around due to feedback that I received, and how things ran last time. Here are the rules with some of the changes made.

► There is no max team size now. (Previously it was 3 max).
► External Libraries are now accepted. The only restriction on this is the majority of the gamemode must be yours.
► One submission per participant, so for example, I can only submit one gamemode. Quality over quantity.
► Submissions must be publicly released/open source via GitHub. We are doing this to give to the community, not release another paid gamemode.
► No using already existing gamemodes as bases or submissions. With the exception of Sandbox or Base, these involve such things as DarkRP, TTT, etc.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/y6uyH4z

What do I need to do to become a judge?

I’m going to require that when we’re reviewing the gamemodes, you be available when we’re doing them. A good time to do so will need to be discussed by the team, but that can be decided later. If you can meet these requirements, add me on Steam or post here, I’ll keep you in mind.

How long will we have to work on our gamemodes?

Based on people’s issues with the last competition you will have the time from the start and end date listed above. Starting early is not allowed, nor is submitting late.

How do I enter right now?

Post below that you’re interested, and I’ll keep a list. If it’s just yourself post that you’re interested, otherwise list everyone in your team (and a name if you’re into that).

How do you plan on handling judging?

The developers are welcome to join the judging team when we test their gamemode, and explain what’s going on. I’m going to limit each gamemode to an hour max, but the developers can tell us how long they think we should spend on their gamemode. I’m going to stream the big night when we test each different gamemode.

When will the competition be?

Please see above.

What if I have no prior Lua experience, or just started?

You can still enter! There’s no point in excluding people who want to join.

I want to donate, but I see some people have banners. How much do I need to donate, and what size banner?

It is a minimum of $100 to have a banner shown on the OP, and the banner’s dimensions are 500x100.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered!

Post it below, and I’ll add it to the FAQ.

(Banners in discussion for now)

GmodStore- $1,000


Moat Gaming - $1,000

Garry’s Mod Nexus - $585

DBM Hosting - $325

GMCHosting - $250 + Providing Judge Server


Superior Servers - $200

Starfront RP

garrysmods.org - $110

Game Rebels - $100

MistForums - $50

Hybrid Vibes - $30

Imperium Gaming - $25

Mistyisty.pro - $25

Excalibur Networks - $20

Abstract Gaming - $20

Anexis gaming - $20

IceGT_ - $20

Vexan - $10

Dashiell - $10

SantosPublicRP - $5

Hexane Networks - $5

CivilityRoleplay - $5

GGS.SX - $5

RN SCP - $5

wounder what new gamemodes people will come up with this time, especially since everyone should have time now (since it’s summer)

[DEL]stOP making them so short

Also hopefully you can get some decent judging this time :zing:[/DEL]

Just don’t make the theme too restrictive like last time

Also I might join idk yet

7 weeks during a summer vacation period, it’s a pretty long development time.

Gmodstore in 7 weeks?

Will be interesting to see how things turn out this time, considering we have a 2000$ pot and this during the summer, I’d also like to judge if possible.

Honestly I don’t know if I will participate, but it sounds like a good idea. Just need motivation, hopefully theme isn’t too cryptic.

You guys will enjoy the decision for that when it comes down to the start date.

I’m in this time round’

Fuck it, sign me up dad. I got nothing better to do with my time.

Development time!

I proberbly won’t take part since I’ve got other shit to work on, I’ll be a judge if you need them though.

I’m interested, but I have a few questions.

How will you manage to find out if someone started early?

Does the gamemode need to be original? There’s an old private gamemode that I’d like to make and release for all to use.

Spencer’s back


Is this where I post about being interested but inevitably drop out because I never actually started something until week 7?

Sign me up :alien:

Can I use other peoples models, sounds etc? ( assuming I have permission)

Yes you can.

I’m working out a way so those who can create custom assets will have that included in the scoring.

Just working it out.

Everyone whose posted their interested so far I’ve included in a list I have.

Good luck to everyone. :happy:

I’ll give this a shot. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of restriction we’ll have