2069 hours on GMOD, can anyone beat my record?

Can anyone beat my record of 2069 hours on Garry’s Mod?

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Yes, plenty of people, including me.

Wait for some of the other people to get in here, I know at least one has twice as much playtime as me.


Oh balls forgot to verify my email… oh well.

69 :quagmire::quagmire:

I know there’s people with more but I wanted to see who else played garry’s mod as much as I do.

Capsadmin wins everytime

holy shit… 32,036 hours! are those actual hours played or just spectating ?

He does something where he is in Garry’s Mod literally 24/7 I’ve heard, it’s not actual playtime.

Already a thread for this.

I… I… can’t even…

LOL fucking scrubs

15,334 years?

No one can beat my time

134,420,043 hours is what the screenshot shows however.

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Ah ya edited ya post. Nevermind.

lmao I’ve been playing since before the big bang and since the space time continuum existed.

still haven’t gotten all of the achievements what a fuckin scrub