2100 Trailer [Short Garry's Mod Film]


Sorry about the volume inconsistencies with the people’s voices, when I dragged the clips over into the trailer’s project file it screwed with some of them. It will be fine on the full movie.

The music is too loud

I’m going to go back and do a second edit – too many complaints about the audio.

Captain comedy lines are bad, you may need to have them re-recorded.
the editing was bad to IE the pacing
IE the meaningless space shot at 1 minute in was too long.
the posing too at some points…
IE the black guy reviving, and the guy holding he clip board being green screen…
and use some color correction on a few shots, hell use it just on the green screen so the guy isn’t bright bright purple and yelling “green screening was used right here, and quite hastily too”

is my major issue here.

Lol ok

Looks pretty cool.
I laughed at the end though…
Stay… Away… Fff.

Fiddlesticks, that editing was seriously awful by your standards

Piss-poor compositing (although I applaud your choice of background assets)
And to top it all, at the end, LENS FLARE ([del]which makes everything better[/del])

Also, I feel I must mention that the music was over-the-top… way over-the-top.

I’d give it a 6/10

The only excuse I’ll give you was for the editing. I’ve never cut a trailer before, and so I just did my best dragging clips into it. I have to take 10-ish minutes (at this point that’s how much i’ve finished) and condense it into two minutes, so it just makes it somewhat difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest, alright.

A lot of people have made this mistake. The citizen’s uniform turns blue when a chroma key is involved. Use a MAGENTA screen if you have to but why does everyone do this?

its really easy to fix, takes 2 minutes.
ive told fumples how to fix it, its just laziness.

No, I know how to fix it, but here’s the thing:

It’s the difference between purple and blue during a 30 second scene. It’s not really a huge issue in my book.

its a sign of fucking laziness, its a fluke everyone makes due to them not putting effort forwards.

heres a common example
a hud is shown for 5 seconds.
its a common problem
its a sign of laziness
and it is commonly due to people not putting effort forward.

the fix for the purple shits is just as easy as using a command in console to remove the hud.

fix your mistakes, stop trying to make excuse’s

Okay, now let’s look back at Meet the Zombine thread.

Someone says:
You respond with:

Sorry, don’t accept criticism from hypocrites.

Maybe before you tell people to fix their mistakes and don’t make excuses, you should fix your own mistakes and don’t make excuses. You’re pathetic, buddy.

I don’t try and claim my trailers are “EIPIC” (sic)
stop trying to take shit i said to a troll, hypocritical or not, you’re being lazy.

Fumples. I respect the fact that the trailer was put together from a collaboration of a much longer piece. I will admit this was not your best entry. The one voice actor was not good; he needs to redo his lines. If the whole film is like this, you need to redo it. I will not lie. I am a fan of your work, and will always be. I have to agree with scoutking tho. You are being lazy, for the trailer at least. Remember Fumples. Its not what you want, its the consumer. As a consumer I am telling you this.

Good luck with the project.

Hello people I can’t be arsed to make a color correction fix for my chroma keying then saving it as a preset I could easily drag on all the clips that need to be fixed

My name is Fumples

Thanks the the words, Mendel. While I will agree that the trailer was not cut well, I can assure all of you that the completed product will be much better paced, edited and such.

As for the voice, I cannot do anything about it. There’s nothing WRONG with it, however if you’re unhappy with it that’s not my problem :slight_smile:

As for color correction, I’ve used it in almost every scene, however I must have accidentally skipped past it while editing the movie. I understand that it’s a different color than it should be, but it’s not particularly a sign of laziness. I work hard to make my films the best I can make them. I’m not being lazy. Also, I’m a somewhat colorblind so I don’t really see the shirt being purple… :stuck_out_tongue:


i didn’t notice it

we didn’t say it was the most important part, but when you’re trying to do something that looks like a movie, every single little detail counts

It’s there.

And every detail counts, but last time I checked someone’s shirt doesn’t need to be a specific color. Do you criticize a movie because you don’t like the protagonist’s shirt? Not really.

“hey look everyone my shirt just changed its color when depth of field appeared”