22 slots RP server - What map?


As the title, I own a 22 slots RP server, using Cider. We also got vehicles.

I’m not sure what map we should use.
Usually, there’s around 15 players on the server.

Evocity - too big?
Townsend_v1 - Too small, and v1p, new players get a window saying “Missing map… disconnecting.”
Downtown - maybe?

What you guys say?


This. A bit boring though.

Why not make your own map if you’re going to be serious? make one that’s unique.

Evocity, it’s an excellent map.

I downloaded Source SDK three days ago, it’ll take me a while before I manage to create a RP map.

Sure it is, but it’s quite big?


Flatgrass sounds nice.

I can’t see the reason why some of you doesn’t post anything helpful at all.

rp isnt mucth without people owning there own place.
I vote evo

Hm, well, If it’s 22 people on at any given time, and assuming Wire and PHX isn’t installed, I’d go for evocity_v1p, the night evocity, no cave, Cub Foods is more like a super market, and it’s a bit faster then day.

Well, it’s not close to 22 players at any given time.
We’re usually around 10-15 players.
Wire & PHX is ofcourse not installed, no other addons than door tool and keypads is installed.

Is the night evocity popular? As people probably won’t like to sit and download.

Cider you say? Could I join the server? What’s the IP?

Ah, it’s meatwad from Ventmob, isn’t it?

However, here’s the IP :

And guys, we’ll stick to this map for now :

Mmmm, I’d have to agree with flatgrass. As much as I enjoy the very townsy and good feeling of Evocity or Townsend, I do despise those maps, because you can’t find a darndest thing in my opinion. In Flatgrass, you can find everyone’s little hut or extravagant mansion.

My 2 cents

put this in your server.cfg or run it in your Server console: net_maxfilesize 999

The reason it says Missing map, is due to the filesize being too big.




oviscity_b3. Classic.

Hmm, thanks to everyone coming with good replies, although we’re considering running rp_downtown_v2.
What you guys say about that?
Its very bad for cars, but good for a small server.

Give me your opinion!
We gotta have decided map before tomorrow, since we’re having a halloween event.