24/7 [720] Roleplay!

Darkrp Sucks

Please, do not host DarkRP. You are very unoriginal and darkrp is a terrible gamemode.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Benji))

That is why we are open to suggestions, if you want to suggest a game mode we will test it and use it.

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This is why we don’t need ratings…

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I never said I didn’t use the rating script.


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Ok so heres the latest update on the server! Its going 24/7, we are upgrading the internet plan.

New jobs have been added, Such as guard, and soon to come pet.

The server is offline while we work on some bugs.

Pet has been added, take the headcrab pill to become one. Kermites pistols are soon to be added as guns for the gun dealers. Server is completely 24/7. We have switched to EvoCity. 2 new admins are here. Also the Respected group has been created. People who are respected gain different tools to use, and also are allowed to test some of the new sweps. Fists and a Boxers class are also soon to follow.

Cars have been added, with the idea of boxers scrapped. VIP/Respected users get a taste of whats coming up next. Currently you can only buy a jeep, but cars such as ford mustang, gold gti, and toyota supra soon to follow. Also please vote on a poll here. http://mypollcreator.com/vote/6343
Do you want the server to be “SpaceRP”?

Stop triple posting to bump your thread…

Use something better like Gmodrp, dark isn’t great if your after a community.

But how would I be able to allow GmodRP to have everyone have physgun, toolgun, etc. Also there is nothing to create something the PD.

Just edit the files, I edited it, I have everything i need including the physgun,grav gun, toolgun etc. I also slowed the hunger mod down. It’s really not hard just look in the files.

You don’t need physguns and toolguns for RP. Make it so people have to apply for them.

Make it so they just have to sign up on some forums. It usually works great, as mingebags don’t have the attention span to disconnect, signup, and reconnect.

Oh, don’t use DarkRP please. Originality is good. Try cakescript, or catscript.

But they require EFFORT! BAWWWWW. :emo:

Besides, with the correct editing and administration, DarkRP can work well, it doesn’t have to look like an entirely new script, just do something completely different to the other versions of it.

Please welcome our newest admins Ryan and Trivium, also Josh has been promoted to Superadmin Also We have upgraded to DarkRP 3.4 SVN.

Ip’s have been fixed server is now backup 24/7. Second server coming soon

Also may an admin move this to the advertisements forum.