24/7 [720] Roleplay!

Change the title to Lite roleplay, DarkRP is not serious, espically seeing the jobs you got there.

Played this server, no offense, but it was laggy and it had virtually no RPing going on.

Im sorry sir, Our players have never had any lag problems with the server before. Also you have not ever connected to the server before. Point Proven.

Its DarkRP, aswell its not serious

Just because its DarkRP, doesn’t mean its not serious, as if you put a well chosen admin team into it, it becomes serious.

So… Uhm… Basicly everyone talks about how cakescript is more original, and yet it came out after DarkRP? I mean, in the pure sense of the word, dosn’t originality have to do with it’s orgin? And did not Cakescript result as an alternative to DarkRP? Thus rendering it’s orgin from DarkRP? Thus making DarkRP more original?

…I’m just asking…

Its just that DarkRP is overused in a server with minging admins and sometimes even no admins. But as I said if you put a good admin team into DarkRP it becomes fun.

This post…just caused a mindfuck. DarkRP and Cakescript are nothing alike, and if you want to be pissy about it, DarkRP isn’t even original, it’s father, LightRP is the most original.

You can use your argument for originality between DarkRP and Cakescript anyway, Cakescript is entirely different and coded from scratch, it has no links to DarkRP anywhere in its coding.

I’m not arrogant, so I can admit a defeat, so, okay, not too familiar with the story, just know Cakescript is newer, and that the creator of it where somehow involved with DarkRP (from what I know), sorry for seeming misinformative.

Isn’t Cakescript technically older?

Discussing things like this will never end…
Also, try some simple gamemode, people need to be more creative.
Just selling stuff for 2 bucks each is fun too.

With the launch of our 4th server we are aiming to create a simple roleplay script with just health and money. Nothing else, you come up with jobs and choose your model. We are trying to bring back simple roleplay.
Also the server is currently down. We are reinstalling it and setting up the other 3 [720] Servers, 2 being non roleplay.

…Isn’t communism technically functional? >_<.

Anyways, I was told that DarkRP was older, I could have been getting the wrong information, and if I did, well, then… I guess I did.