[24/7]\__T__/Trillium\__T__/ Spacebuild Server [No Lag]

Hi, The server is almost done we are still adding a few miner details to the server. It will be finished around the end of september. We have set up a ranking system based on the number of hours you partake in the server. The only way you can rank up with your hours in the server is if you join the steam group. The ranks of our server are:

Admiral of the fleet
Vice admiral
Rear admiral
Lieutenant Commander
Acting sub-lieutenant
Chief Petty Officer First Class
Chief Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer First Class
Petty Officer Second Class

Connection Info:

More information, no one is going to join based on this

[No Lag]

Don’t make impossible to keep promises.

I still have no idea on what this server is about.

My guess it’s army spacebuild?

It lags

its a war server you go in make a station or a ship and fight each other just like every other space build server. and it doesn’t lag its your computer not my server

You cannot get around lag in a full and active spacebuild server.

So far i have and I’ve been getting lots of complements to so i think im doing pretty good.

Ok, release the IP to the public and let a 15 player base circulate through it all building ships.

Also, you not having lag =/= players not having lag.

No lag is impossible, especially since space-build is one of the most laggiest gamemodes out there.


Joined the server.

10 Minutes later.

Combine trains.

Combine trains everywhere.

look i cant help it if you join in and people spawn the stupidest things and u lag. and i already have released the ip to the public and the server can only have 10 people in it

Yes you can, your a admin.

Ban them and stop calling your server lagless. Problem solved.