24/7 Build Server

Name: 24/7 Build
Packs/Models all
Engine mod
pcmod 2
Cs:S realistic Sweps.
more to be added soon.

  1. Absolutely do not mess with other peoples stuff.
  2. Excessive death matching is a bannable offense
  3. Overall, Have fun. Other people want to have fun too, so dont mess with them.
    ** We are Recruiting **
    if you would like to join please goto the server or the forums

Tell us for any suggestions for servers we need help.

I am unconvinced. Post more of what your server has, and I’ll get back to you.

there you go i edited somewhat but today is the first day of being up so we are still adding more mods.

hey guys you should all check it out :smiley:

This is not for advertising

Nice server but i was the only one on

then a minge came and prop killed me and then i left

needs more admins on to moderate it

Sorry about that. We are a fairly new clan, and our server
is only 2 days old. We are working to get our ULX admin mod fixed
so that all the admins have their “admin powers” again, because we
think our copy of ULX is broken or something. Once we get it fixed
the server will be at a playable state, and the admins will have access
to all of their respective admin commands.

We will be taking donations to help pay for the server shortly, our
monthly goal is $17.50 per month. If you would like to be an Admin,
we will have a donations page set up shortly, and you can donate some
money to help us out.

I’m co-owner of the server, and I have a full mod list for you all:

Anti-NoClip STool
CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0
Door STool
EasyEngine SVN
gm_bigcity Map
gm_mobenix_v3 Map
Keypad STool
Multi-NoCollide STool
Prop Protection
SmartWeld STool
Stacker STool
Weight STool
WireMod SVN

However, you might want to wait until we fix ULX for a safe building environment, as our ULX is currently broken. =/

get ulx svn then

Alright, our ULX is officially fixed. Come join us!

This section is for server hosting help, not “hey guys have a look at my server”.

Lol just had to say this to uber

It say server hosting

not server hosting help

not hey guys have a look at my server

it just says

server hosting


lmao. so server ulx is fixed :D.