24/7 Map Schedule

Hey, I am currently renting a dedicated server and want to keep the map the same 24/7. I want it so it’s always 67th way unless an admin force changes it. I’ve removed all other maps but for some reason the map schedule keeps changing to maps that even I do not have. How does one edit the map schedule? Or make a dedicated rented server a 24/7 map? Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I think you may want to take a look at mapcycle.txt

Ah, thank you! Sorry for being noob-esque. Another question, how does one extend the round limit? Thanks!

Take a read through this, there’s a lot of information here and it should be some help:

Thank you very much.

What i’ve found is that some maps are hidden as of the games that are mounted, i was on deathrun and there were maps called deathrun_balbal_hl2 and didn’t have them on fastdl so had to unmount that game :S