[24/7] PvP/Sleepers New server up for 2 days now looking for more players !!

[US] -PoA- PVP/sleepers 12/18 PoA clan is hosting a fun server for players sleepers/pvp Looking fora good time? or a place just to chill with a new server wipe that just happen and started? then look no more and join!!! We are a small bunch of players that play alot of games and other stuff we are looking to get this server active and pick up alot of players. We will be hosting a fourms also for players soon for our server so quit reading and join now!!!

we plan on hosting more events once we get more players everyday!!! first event starts at 50 players and if we keep a steady amount we will be hosting events everyday and weekends!!

Bump having events this weekend join in quick!!!