[24/7 | RP] Celeste Gaming

Hello everybody,
I’m here to introduce my new server that I’ve set up for old times sake.

I remember the good times we had back at the morgue past a year ago and I would like to recreate that light RP feeling I felt.

So I represent
Celeste Gaming running a continually modified Cider mode.

It’s a 50 slot server with a great connection.
Server features:
[li] 11 different jobs (including authorities, rebels and many other exciting jobs)
[/li][li] Contraband
[/li][li] Manufacturing
[/li][li] Custom HUD
[/li][li] Good weapons
[/li][li] Jail
[/li][li] Well written overall gamemode

I wish you all welcome to Celeste Gaming at
miceiken.net (Port: 27015)

The first 20 active members will get two months with donator status, with access to physgun and spawning props, and other tools such as door and keypads for building a base.

If you want to make it that LightRP feel, add only citizen and police.

Thanks for the comment, well, yes indeed I can, but all the different classes aren’t that hard to handle, and well it gives a good roleplay feeling too - I guess it’s a matter of how LightRP one would want it to be.

I agree with Slash. And I love how you’re making a LightRP. I’ll make sure to join sometime.

-snip-, Late.

Added a minor update to the gamemode:
A few more checks for better stability
Models for the hands (doh)

Love the server nice job

Need more info on OP.

I don’t know what more to add =/

More detailed description of shit.

Images would be nice also :slight_smile:

Love this server :D. Just need people.