24576 x 24576 x 11328

Are those coordinates too big for an outdoor map with a skybox? (non-3d)

I only ask because when compiling I see vrad in the process list, and the mem usage goes sky high (about 200,000 K), and it stops responding.

It’s still compiling when it says it’s not responding.

Really? so when my HDR “Crashes” and windows shoves a “VRAD.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING BITCH!” up my ass it’s still compiling? So how do you know when its done?

If it says it stoped working then I guess no, it’s not compiling any more.



Because the “Not working” is simply vista’s way of saying it stopped responding.

Yep. My compiling window freezes and blanks over whenever I click over to another window as it compiles. Vista goes herpderp and tells me it crashed, and asks if I want to close it. I press no, wait about ten seconds, then the compiling screen unblanks, jumps to the end, and HL2Ep2 starts up so that I can playtest my map.

You can also just press control+shift+escape to check how much RAM Hammer is sapping from your computer. If it’s a loooot, it’s probably still compiling.

Sorry I can’t agree with you. When something stops responding, Vista offers a window with options like “Restart application” and “Close Application” or “Wait for the application to respond”. When it stops working, it stops working, it’s not doing anything any more.

If you see in taskmanager what vrad (or anything else) using cpu (about 80% or more) when it still compiling. Simple.

If you bring up your task manager you wil often notice that vrad says (not responding) and the memory usage is pretty high. Almost always its compiling anyway so just wait it out.

ITT: People don’t understand how windows works and how stupid it can be. When windows says the program is “not responding” it means that literally, it DOES NOT mean it has stopped working, in the case of VRad, it’s busily slogging through hundreds of ray trace calculations for your lighting, which is very processor intensive and doesn’t leave much for the operating system to work with. As far as windows in concerned it looks like the program might have got itself in an infinite loop and offers you a way out of this. Just leave it alone it will come back fine or alternatively run an expert compile with the -low parameter on VRad, meaning it will be assigned a low cpu priority assigning only spare cpu time to VRad, the compile will take longer if you start using the pc, but it shouldn’t give this error.

While we’re talking about vis/rad compiling, is there any way to set their CPU affinity to permanently use only three processors.

Usually once it’s started compiling I go to task manager and manually set it to use only three CPUs, leaving my computer nice and responsive for other tasks.
Is there any way to automate this so it does it every time?

(Windows 7. And no, I don’t mind my compiling taking 25% longer if it means I can use my computer normally in the mean-time)

Yes, you can determine the number of threads they use if you use expert compile mode (http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Expert_compile_mode) and then add “-threads #” for 3 cpus set # to 3.

By default, does it use max or just 1?

Default it uses 100 percent of cpu power.
so all of them

Then you have an issue. I had issues with vrad.exe crashing a while back, and to solve this, I had to compile LDR and HDR seperately with the expert compile commands, not both at once. I haven’t had this issue in a while, though, and I’m sure it can be caused by different things.

With my Vista, if you even move the mouse to another viewport, or try to click something, Hammer’s screen will go white, and the compiler will say Not Working, until the compile is done. If you dare move your mouse after that, go grab a drink and restart Hammer.

Any chance anyone could confirm if that map size is too big LOL, I seem to have started a Windblows debate

For me it just freezes period, even if you click when the last step (ThreadComputeLeafAmbient) is on 9 and you know it will finish in a second, it will freeze for good.

Why would you want to do this anyway

You have a shitty smelling attitude, try being a little nicer and maybe someone would help you.