255 Players? Player optimization?

There are lots of old threads about this but they are all from 2012 or less so I thought I would make a new one.

Is it possible to have 255 players on a server in Garry’s Mod? There used to be a mod for this but I am pretty sure it broke in a newer update or something.

How would I optimize my sever so many players and big map sizes wont cause lag? I have seen a ton of server that can run 100 players completely lag free on gm_fork where I have more lag on singleplayer than on the server. Is there some kind of addon that you can just magically put into your gmod directory that fixes it all? I heard something about a “SantosRP PVS buffer” that supposedly saves alot of fps but I cant find it anywhere. - (Is there other ways to optimize your server than to pay someone 200 dollars to do it?)

you could probably use a module to raise the internal cap on player limit
there’s no way in hell srcds will actually handle that many players though, you have to gut and optimize the crap out of your gamemode and many facets of the default lua backend to even make it handle north of 100 players without crashing and burning

Besides the engine not being able to handle 255 players on an optimisation level, the way the macros/networking are set up would make it extremely difficult to raise it even from a module. Whether it’s possible or not, I don’t know. Also, I’ve seen the PVS module that some communities seem to be using, and it indeed saves network bandwidth by reducing the PVS calc size, but it causes networking to fall behind in some cases due to it being pushed off until the entity is in render space. The PVS calculations the engine does are pretty accurate from what I’ve observed.

Do you know where I can find/get that PVS module? I have found two PVS modules on facepunch but they either seem to error out or have no effect.

It’s private, but it is essentially the same as the PVS modules posted – all it does is expose additional bindings. The actual bulk-work is done in Lua. If you link me to the old modules, I’ll give a hand at updating them.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=953788 and http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1443500 are the only ones I can find and they both seem to be updated 2+ years ago.

I’m fairly sure there’s a good reason many games don’t try to attempt huge player counts: it’s a fucking headache. If most everyone’s responses are anything to go on, you’ve been warned.

EDIT: I guess I kind of forgot MMOs exist. Meh, oh well.

it isn’t really that much harder to design a game to work with 200 players than it is to design one to work with 20 players from a programming standpoint
you just have to plan ahead and make sure everything is optimized well, and also likely sacrifice some engine security by offloading intense calculations onto the client and trusting them with it (which cheaters can abuse to do horrible things to your game if they get past the anticheat)

Reminds me off Bossa’s new game Worlds Adrift which is their first multiplayer game and they decided to make an MMO out of it. In that game everything is client based, your health, position, damage and more.