[release][tab]Name:[/tab] PMod
[tab]Version:[/tab] 4.0 - <2008>
[tab]Description:[/tab] A script to allow the player to add player models to his/her leisure.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] GarrysMod 10

:siren:Latest Updates

*August 20, 2009

PMod is now officially on Garrysmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=76776
Too bad within a few hours it was reported and deleted. So how can it be on Garrysmod.org then?


*April 16, 2008


-I got around to fixing the script to ignore the rest of the loose CSS, DoDs and Portal models/animations that weren't fit for Gmod player models.

Here's a snip of those ignored models:
// Ignoring CSS 
tIgnore["ct_gign"] = true;
tIgnore["ct_sas"] = true;
tIgnore["ct_urban"] = true;
tIgnore["ct_gsg9"] = true;
tIgnore["t_guerilla"] = true;
tIgnore["t_leet"] = true;
tIgnore["t_phoenix"] = true;
tIgnore["t_arctic"] = true;
tIgnore["hostage_01"] = true;
tIgnore["hostage_02"] = true;
tIgnore["hostage_03"] = true;
tIgnore["hostage_04"] = true;
tIgnore["counterterrorist"] = true;
// Ignoring DOD 
tIgnore["american_assault"] = true;
tIgnore["american_mg"] = true;
tIgnore["american_rifleman"] = true;
tIgnore["american_rocket"] = true;
tIgnore["american_sniper"] = true;
tIgnore["american_support"] = true;
tIgnore["german_assault"] = true;
tIgnore["german_mg"] = true;
tIgnore["german_rifleman"] = true;
tIgnore["german_rocket"] = true;
tIgnore["german_sniper"] = true;
tIgnore["german_support"] = true;
tIgnore["dod_player_shared"] = true;
// Ignoring TF2
tIgnore["demo"] = true;
tIgnore["engineer"] = true;
tIgnore["heavy"] = true;
tIgnore["medic"] = true;
tIgnore["pyro"] = true;
tIgnore["scout"] = true;
tIgnore["sniper"] = true;
tIgnore["soldier"] = true;
tIgnore["spy"] = true;
// Ignoring Portal
tIgnore["chell"] = true;
// Other
tIgnore["player_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["male_gestures"] = true;
tIgnore["male_postures"] = true;
tIgnore["male_anims"] = true;
tIgnore["male_shared"] = true;
tIgnore["male_ss"] = true;
tIgnore["female_gestures"] = true;
tIgnore["female_postures"] = true;
tIgnore["female_anims"] = true;
tIgnore["female_shared"] = true;
tIgnore["female_ss"] = true;
tIgnore["ak_anims_ct"] = true;
tIgnore["ak_anims_t"] = true;
tIgnore["cs_player_shared"] = true;
tIgnore["chell_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["medic_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["soldier_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["sniper_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["pyro_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["spy_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["heavy_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["demo_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["scout_animations"] = true;
tIgnore["engineer_animations"] = true;

Without these being ignored the player menu would be littered with models you can't really play as. You'd simply be a model with no animations or nothing at all.

keep in mind Dr.Magnussan, and those few CSS models found hidden in the last gmod update still get added to the list and work fine aside from the "1337" model.

If you have Orange Box (Meaning you have Half-life 2, and/or Episodes 1&2) you will have multiple of some models but they still work. For example a Charples models and a Charple01 model. I could ignore one of them but that wouldn't work for Kliener who has a multiple of the same syntax which would result in blocking him entirely. If anyone was ideas about how to sort this out and/or how to possibly set the list of models to be in Alphabetical order to organize it a bit would be much appreciated.

Update your PMod SVN to see these changes.

*August 12, 2008

-Thread has been moved and unlocked!
We are back in business!


*April 13, 2008


-It has been brought to my attention that I "made crap up" about the CSS, TF2, and DoDs models having bad animations. I guess that's what I get for dumbing down explanations for all the 12 year olds here on the forums. I apologize that my explanations were not 100% correct. It's not like I claimed I wasn't good at hexing models or anything.

Here is the better explanation:


-CS:S & DOD, these models have some buggy weapon animations because valve added a Null bone to HL2 models that they use in there weapon attachments (pistol, shotgun etc.).. CS:S and DOD are missing this bone... the gmod animations can easily hexed into the models..

-TF2, the same problems above apply here too, but on top that off, valve no longer uses the ValveBiped.Biped bone structure instead they have a simple Biped bone structure... this can be fixed but is it not %100 that the models will respond well to HL2 Anims


This guy has already done some of the CSS models and I think he's done a terrific job. In fact I hope he does all those other player models from those games. If anyone has questions about hexing models and how to do a good job by all means stop asking me and ask him. -not sarcasm

*January 31, 2008

-Can you believe it works now? One problem, We’re at ground Zero with the models. I do have some working nice, I just want to do one last bug run on them and I’ll upload them in packs on garrysmod.org and link them here so YOU can decide which ones YOU want.

-Right now I will give you the SVN for the Script. If you ask for a garrysmod.org upload it will not be done because the Script needs modified whenever there is an update to gmod or something. If we get the TF2 or other Source models working we will need to modify the script for them as well. Get my drift? SO DON’T GO BEHIND MY BACK AND UPLOAD THIS ANYWHERE!

-One update for Steinmann:
DoDs models redone and now work with Gmod as playermodels with PMod. One problem left is with some of the weapons. Seems to be a real hassle. Still working on it though.

:siren:Here’s the SVN: https://opensvn.csie.org/TRT_BETA/PMod/
To use it correctly, go to your Garrysmod/addons folder and make a new folder, naming it “PMod”. Then if you have a good svn client like Tortoise just right click the new folder you just made and go to “CheckOut”. Then input the Repository Url I just gave you above. It should take a few seconds to download but be sure to update it once in a while by right clicking the folder and clicking “Update SVN”. If I have to hold your hand any more, then you are a moron.


*January 18, 2008


-The update is out and PMod is broken. Here we go again, right? No worries, Mr. Solid is on it. I'm thinking this is the perfect time to mention you should have removed your old PMod svn yesturday. 

-Ok it's 10:30 Eastern right now where I am. We got scripts with PMod working now but then there's the new anims that are causing problems. Basically all previous models including CSS, DoD (and we even tried TF2 models) do not have anims and or have broken anims. We are currently trying to see if recompiling a model with the new anims will fix it but don't get your hopes up because regardless our number of player models just hit rock bottom so we're at it again, climbing that ladder till we get over this mess. So stay tuned, we will fix this thing quickly.

-I guess this also means I did all this model sorting for no dam reason. Owell, back to the draft board.


Install Guide/ReadME


**PMod 2008 (V4.2)
Works with Garry's mod 2008**

**What it does:** Searches for valid playermodels and then adds them to the playermodel menu.

/ begin boast
no one has come close to this, if they release a playermod it can't possibly be this precise and flawless. They probably stole my code. :( I don't forgive thieves. 
/End boast

**Install Guide:**

The mod requires you to have the latest gmod, and Svn Client and to make two new folders in your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder

**Step 1:** http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads is a good place to get a decent svn client. If you have one, skip this step.

**Step 2:** If you do not have Pmod 2008 installed do this step, otherwise skip it. Make a new folder in your addons and name it "PMod", then right click and "SVN Checkout" the folder to the following repository url: "http://opensvn.csie.org/TRT_BETA/PMod/"

**Step 3:** Once that is done downloading make a new folder and name it PMod Models. If you've done this before and already have this folder skip this step.

**Step 4:** The Model Pack you downloaded that this ReadMe is in has the following inside it:
Copy those three things and paste them inside the 
PMod Models folder.

**~**Why do I have you do that? Well this way you download the PMod Models you want and then put them their so you can safely remove or move them at any time.  Enjoy! :D

***And maybe visit us at TeamLegit.com (We make it to break it, sometime's just for you!)***

*By Dark Spartan796*


Available Playermodels


[SWAT Model Pack:](http://www.garrysmod.org/img/dl/30508_2.jpg) 
     [http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=30508](http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=30508) -still lack proper weapon animations like old CSS models did.

[Freeman 1337 Model:](http://www.garrysmod.org/img/dl/30511_2.jpg)  

[Combine TrenchCoat Model:](http://www.garrysmod.org/img/dl/30513_2.jpg)

[Cloud FF7 Advent Children Model:](http://www.garrysmod.org/img/dl/30515_2.jpg)
[http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=30515](http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=30515) -Deleted by admins for some reason. If I ever get around to it I'll re upload it.

[Zero Suit Samus](http://img.garrysmod.org/cache/4/6/7/1/6/218d8d91a9620cebcc6e3f695433c0dd.jpg)
[http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=46716](http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46716) by FluxMage 
Original thread:

LSK has a really big Player model pack with PMod here:
*If you are by chance looking for a Download link or SVN than you cannot read or your just in denial that this mod has been broken by the update and is being fixed at the moment.*

Nice one. You got my download! (and a gold star)

Yes, nice findings Download and star!

Spartan? You could have just said Master Chief…
Also you asked for it.


Just asking but do i Install this as a addon?

If it has an info.txt than that folder goes in the addons, so yes

PMod goes into


Nice. Where can I get those skins in the background?

Could you add the other zombie models? The fast and poison zombie and maybe stalker too :). If there was a decent “alien” model it would be cool. :smiley:
Good pack altogether. :smiley:


Well they aren’t skins their models in which I totally support! If you make models like this I love you!

Heres some links for you, they don’t have menus so just make one for them all like me.



I could look into that but I was more or less asking if anyone had player models not included here that work so if you find such zombie or stalker player models let me know and they’ll be added. I’d like to find working “shephard player models” to add them too. The ones at the following link don’t work.

Bye the way i like the Cat bus picture you got going on from Totoro.

I have working shepard playermodels, however i’m reskinning them and removing the bumpmaps.

I added this and I can’t start gmod. It just sends me an error message.

I have found that if you have “ANY” other player models installed your gmod will crash when you add another, so remove them and just add this.

Unless it has some this one doesn’t, then just ask and I’ll add them.

I don’t have any player model addons at all.

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