28 days later house map and Jim/character hex's

i have watched 28 days later numerous times already and want some Gmod stuff to play around with. i would really appreciate if you made these characters:


i couldnt find a picture of the house but if youve seen it and think you could make i would be very pleased

This goes in the map requests thread, not the models request thread. Also, there is already a map based off the house available, for counter-strike source, which can be imported.

really? ima look thanks for the heads up by the way!


well i couldnt find it

It was also a map for Left 4 Dead.

damn people anyone wanna make this?

cmon someone PLEASE make this

Indeed, where is this CSS map?

You know those survivor skins -Rusty- made? I’m pretty sure one of the skins was based off of Jim.


yeah there’s a lookalike in here http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=89936

COOL thanks man!


now i just need the map and this thread’ll be done

NEED MAP! i think i got jim and i got henry west now i just need the map plz someone!

If you want a map, that goes into the mapping request forum.