28 Days Later - Loosely based off of "28 Days Later"

Highly recomend you play these whilst viewing! I was watching 28 Days Later once again and figured I would attempt to make a decent screenshot. Annd this is the result :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

Wow, very nice. A bit small though. Could use more zombies, too.

The explosion should be brighter since its basically a bright ball of light, right now it looks like the rain is dimming the white down. The blood and muzzleflash are pretty nice though.

the rain looks pretty bad, the resolution is really low and that makes it hard to figure out what’s going on, and the explosion effect should be brighter and blurred a bit more

It reminded me of 28 days later

You don’t say?

Pretty good, mate. Blood and muzzle flash look solid.

Next time you do a shot with rain, make sure to adjust the amount of rain in between the models and the camera accordingly. Guys farther away will have more rain between them and the camera than someone a foot or so away. Otherwise it just looks like a filter you slapped on.

They aren’t zombies, they’re infected. Gawd.

Don’t say the ‘Z’ word.