28 days later: Rage Infected Models

i am very fond of the movie and i would really want a game made. it won’t happen but if you could make npc’s i would appreciate. since npc’s seem too much i guess just models.

Hmmm, maybe i could reskin a few models, anyway. show us some pictures, and type in “Running” on GarrysMod.org should be some good zombies on there


If you’d play L4D2 or L4D you’d recognize many movements and situations like in 28 days/weeks later. That’s what i thought when i played it after I saw the movie, really awesome. Only difference is that L4D has special infected.
The zombies also look like Rage infected.


Yeah so you got the models. If you want NPCs, that is more of a scripting thing.

I think that he may be going for something closer to the movies, which I wouldn’t mind at all. Personally, I found the bleeding eyes much scarier than the milky white ones.

the zombies lag way too much so its hard for posing but thank you for the suggestion

Go play L4D.

ha ha very funny