28 Days/Weeks Later-esque SNPCs...

Melombine created these a while ago, I uploaded it to the workshop for myself just to see if they still worked, and they didn’t seem to.
Being as old as they are, plus being SNPCs, there probably has to be some minor edits/repair done to their .LUA, but I think that you guys will find that fixing these would be worth the time.
They’re actually really cool. They are full on SNPCs (Closest we have to real zombie SNPCs are DJREV’s, and those are just using default code), and they don’t have the obnoxious arms out cliche zombie or completely hunched over running at you like a wild animal animation, they actually run, reminiscent of the behavior of the infected in the 28 Days/Weeks Later movies.

I’m just wondering if somebody with the know-how could check out the .LUA and assess the damage. Thanks for your time.


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Sorry it looks like the picture is broken but if you click the link you’ll see the pictures.

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I hope this doesn’t sound like too much work I wouldn’t usually ask for help like this because I know how busy the people that actually know how to do this are, but I figured since all the materials are already there, might as well ask.