28 Months Later - Marcel being chased through paris by infected.

first pose in a few days.

Okay I guess, don’t know about the lighting on the guy.
You could have also changed the vest guys poses a bit so that they don’t look like they were duplicated.
The zombies don’t look like 28 days infected though.

Posing on the zombies is wonky, allot of them around the shoulders.

And the person seems just looks bored.

I think the effort was a bit half assed with just adding the eiffel tower in the background, could of made it look a bit more like Paris.

Oh lord, just because he’s French he should be called Marcel. :<
Good posing and sweet editing. You could have lowered the number of passes in the Simple Dof’s settings tho.

They’re zombies

The model is actually called Marcel :v:

That’s because he’s wearing a Marcel. :v:


The posing is shit on the zombies, you’ve just badly posed one then duped it and changed the skins.

I’ll admit I posed about 3 then duped the others :L

What I usually do is to pose one zombie, and use him as a reference. I then dupe him and change a lot of the limb’s rotations, positions etc. It really doesn’t look like you duped them.

Yeah, that’s basically what everyone should do when they use dupe.
Without doing that it just looks effortless.

Lol @ the cheap eiffel tower… Paris doesn’t look like that . You should have done a green screen instead, or something like that.
And why is it so purple? :C

For reference, I did it in this screenshot with the husks.

Yeah, you should have made people riot and throw stones and molotove cocktails at the police

Why are the zombies so stiff.

I can’t pose zombies. Thats why.