28 Weeks later NATO Soldiers

So I recently re-watched 28 weeks later, and I saw that NATO or US soldiers, and the look so cool! so I was wondering if anyone could hex a few models together, or if you really feel dedicated model so it looks similar to these guys.


and possibly one of the most badass of badass’s, doyle!

The 1st picture instantly reminds me of the Beta Combine Sniper model from the Half-Life 2 Leak.

The only difference being that NATO doesn’t have cloaking technology, is not transhuman, and that the soldiers in the film were generally armed with assault rifles.

Or so they pretend…

Doyle isn’t really a big deal, we have massive loads of soldiers wearing the UCP camo.

But Dat Gasmask…

There actually are these kind of soldiers in the Alliance of Valiant Arms pack, but you’d have to search for it yourself as I’m kinda busy right now…


they had really bad phys it was really hard to get a good pose for them