28 Weeks later

Hey guys!
At first: Sorry for my bad english, i’m from Germany :slight_smile:

Well, i’ve got a question for you^^
Does anyone of you know an “28 Weeks later” Map and Weaponspack?
If not, could a good mapper or anyone who knows how to make that, do it?

Just a little “28 Weeks later” map, with the sniper+City+Stadion(With Helicopter?) sequence.
And the weapons : Sniper,M4+Eotech etc.?

It would be soooo nice, if you could do that :slight_smile:

Well mapping isn’t really that hard, just look up on some tutorials on Youtube, and do it yourself.

Well, i’ve tried a long time ago, but mit Graphicscard isn’t that good.
I can’t use the programm^^

Well it seems like you’re requesting models, and a map so wrong section. Plus some one would have to do everything from scratch for the weapons, or you can find the same weapons, but not exact. . Making maps based upon a movie would need great detail, that’s only if you want it to be nicely made with detail. Or you can get a horribly made map from someone who just started mapping, which will probably look blocky, or you can make the maps yourself, and the results really depend on if you know how to make maps, or you’re a newbie at mapping. Also requesting these type of things sometimes never happen. Not much gets done. Sometimes no one will do your requests.

hmm :confused:

Okay, thank you.
I’ll trie my self :frowning:

Well you could try asking for a map model in the actual map requests section, but I’m sure people will be asking for money. http://www.facepunch.com/forums/254-Requests