29th division soldier having a well earned rest.

Just a picture of a american soldier skin made by me and zupadupazupadude. It will be released when it’s headhacked. C&C please.


The bloom is way too heavy and has too much colour in it.

Good job
Why is that sandbag darker than the other???

The other what?

=/ One near the boxes the OTHER in the tunnel

I really have no idea.


He means the Sandboxes are too dark, like something is blocking sunlight.

I knew that. I mean i have no idea why this light is fucked up.

I hope you plan on doing more than slapping on the 29th logo on an overused Ranger skin.

Might want to look into what the 29th ID uniform actually looks like (or at least the coloring).

Yes. It’s much more green if I remember rightly.

Well there`s no tutorial how to skin like wile e does so…
or how to make good color on for example the pants

Isolate. Copy. New Layer. Paste. Colour Balance. Brightness and Contrast.


And how to put it al togheter [when you finally see for example a pants in it]

… whut?

eeeh lets just stop about this just give me a link to a good tut

There isn’t a tutorial for recolouring because it’s so damn simple. If you can’t work out how to do it by yourself then I really do worry about you… especially seeing as I already told you how to do it.

Yeah, pretty much like this. It can’t get any easier.

The idea of skinning Wile’s characters is that you use them as a base and work off that. You can literally add, manipulate, touch-up etc. whatever you want. Use Wile’s skins as a base and just get a little creative with them.

turn down the bloom and the blur