29Th infantry soldier storming Omaha beach.

A very empty Omaha beach :v:, C&C and some of that stuff.

Download the skin here.


Original please look at it.


It’s very boring.

It looks more like a desert and the camera angle is pretty bad.

Again, seems you ignored the criticism that your muzzleflashes are too sparky and not white enough.

The Motion blur on the background doesnt make any sense mate.

The muzzle flash looks like a fresh poop stain on the picture. It’s too dull.

It would have been better with something in the background. More soldiers, tanks, explosions etc.

But the posing is good.

Better muzzle-flash?


Camera angle is super weird, makes it look like he is floating almost, and the shadow doesn’t help. Background is far to motion blurred and the pose is very awkward.

the-dutch-guy, are you a member from the 29th ID on DH?

The flash is better now.

kinda looks like a desert


fuck chesty why do you always do that

No, hes not a member of the darkest hour 29th clan, he doesn`t even has red orchestra.

I have red orchestra.


I just never play it :v:

M’kay. Cause I am.