2D Building Planner

Was screwing around with making a design tool to plan building layouts. Right now it only has a few foundation pieces. I want to add all the major parts, and maybe even chests and furnaces. Right now there’s not much to it, but you can play around with different configurations using square and triangle pieces.

Click and drag the pieces to place them. Click a piece to bring it to the front. Move the cursor over the piece and press the space bar to rotate. You can use Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in and out in your browser.

Here’s the link, http://frankwalls.net/public_html/rust_planner.html

Here’s a preview,

EDIT: Give it a few seconds to load! I haven’t added a loading screen yet.

This will be useful for many things

only 10 triangles? i want my money back!

good work man, looking forward for more improvements

looks good frank mate. can i suggest snap-to for the block edges (if there is a way to do it?) :slight_smile:

It’s bugged for me.

I’ll do an update today with more squares and triangles. I’ve got the code for it to snap to grid, but I have to get it to work correctly. Getting it to snap to the edges would be better, but I’m not sure how to do that just yet - still researching!

@trustinrocks What is it doing and what kind of browser and OS are you using?

This is awesome Frank! Thanks will really help when plotting out some ideas…

Was waiting for someone to do this, here, take a medal

Updated with more pieces and new parts.

Frank you’re my hero. I’m a shitty artist and my notepad doodles were laughably unhelpful.

You know with the right funding this could prove very useful for a lot of people, ever thought of starting a fundraiser or something to collect money to improve the program? Over all great work!

it’s a pretty awesome tool you coded there Frank. Thank you for that!
If its allowed, I’d like to suggest what I’d like to see in the tool in the future :slight_smile:

  1. being able to place more than 10 triangle and more than 5x5 square foundations
  2. more pieces like cupboard, furnances big and small boxes, the normal stairs and spikes
  3. doors and windows have a small info text which is which
  4. snap-to functionallity

That would be cool! I might look into that.

Unfortunately I’m not much of a programmer, so the snap-to-edges function is rather elusive for me right now. My method is to usually find the block of code I need and Frankenstein it to work with my code. However, more pieces can be added, and I do plan on adding all the major building components and furnishings.

Once again Frank! Another epic creation. Well done sir!

It’s not as cool as the previous creation (3d editor) made by somebody for legacy, but well done :slight_smile:

It is working now without problems. Nice tool.

Your comment isn’t as snide as it could’ve been, but well done.

this is really simple and useful!

I used this to design my snake shaped base. This will also be useful for more practical bases in the future. Works great. Thank you!!!

That’s so cool! I’m glad it helped. I’ve been trying to design a base that’s small, but requires a lot of C4 or rockets to crack. I’ve been able to get a couple cool designs with lots of triangles. I just wish I was a better coder so it was more efficient.