2D Grids and 3D camera mode issues.

I’m having troubles with my 2D and 3D grids. I cant really explain it so here’s a screen shot.


Sorry i don’t know how to make it show on the page.

Thank you for any help.

Are you using the gmod config? Or is this something else that valve borked.

I’m using the 2006 engine with Half life 2-Episode 1 selected.
So yes.

valve needs to start bugtesting BEFORE they update, those bastards.
Have you tried a config under 2009 engine?

All I can choose from is Teamfortress 2, Portal and Day of defeat.

But yes 2009 configs work.


CS:S works under the 2006 engine. I dont have deathmatch source installed, could that be the problem?

Looks like its just Ep1
CSS works fine, so do the 2009 configs.
Try using something else for the time being

Alright, Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.