2D grids in hammer are not visible.

So I launch hammer for the first time in three months to find that the grid isn’t appearing… so, naturally, I refresh SDK content and reset the game configurations. Still nothing. I’ve searched up for an hour now trying to find a possible fix. Nothing.

Here’s what I’m seeing.


Any suggestions?

Manually configure ep2 in source engine 2009.

Seems to work. Thanks.

Can someone elaborate on this?

I configure Ep2 for the 2009 SDK, and I get my grid back, but I lose all my game-specific entities.

The only solution I’ve seen is to change the gameinfo and restart steam every single time I swap between Hammer and actually testing the map, which I’m not prepared to do. I’ve also seen some people that don’t need to do this but I haven’t seen an actual solution yet.

Any ideas?

Simple, do your reconfigure on EP2 leave the gameinfo.txt alone and then go tools > options (in hammer) and then at the top of the first tab there is a game configurations section, in there add and then look for your episode 2.fgd and add that.

yeah… for me it was originally the 2009 one that was doing this… now its switched to the 2007 engine hammer… but 2009 is now fine… so i use the 2009 one to build in and then i switch to the 2007 one to compile, so that it recognises the ep2 textures

Its because valve is trying to make ep2 go to mac. And the 2009 engine is mac compatible.

Ah thanks, that did it. While fiddling around I did add another FGD but I guess that wasn’t the right one.

So to make an orange Box Configuration i have to go to 2009?


I configured Ep2 For 2009 and my grid is there then it disappears :S
like when I look into the void then put my cursor over the 2D wireframe it disappears, But when i put it over a textured area It comes back :S

Have you updated your Source SDK?

I did that but i could not find my episode 2.fgd

Please read the post dates. This error is from a newer bug. Appears 2007 is unaffected. You can only use tf2 for 2009. Check out the sdk updated? thread.

I did that but i could not find my episode 2.fgd

episode 1 does the same problem in the 2009 engine, any help?

same with half life 2 and css, looks like i have to reconfig all games, cheers valve, my hope with this update is atleast the create a mod 2009 works

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which it does so :P, just no source files :v:

Does anyone know when is Valve going to fix the update?
Because the new update fucked up my mod’s Hammer.

Guess just be patient for now.
Learn some new shit while you wait. Or there’s always porn! Mmmm…

Yup if you got the internet you got porn.

Also im having the same issue with my grids and all that so I guess now all we can do is wait.

That will eliminate the black grids and bad game configuration errors.

valve isn’t going to do shit, they threw out a half assed fix that allowed hammer to launch and fucked over the game configs and called it good enough

the community will have to clean up after them…again