2D Skybox Not Working Properly

The 2D skybox material shows the 3D skybox (which is mesed up, since if it’s visible everything is glitched).

I made sure that the 2D & 3D skybox were in seperate visgroups, etc etc.

It still shows the material, even with VVIS compiled in final.

I tried adding a small 2D skybox box in the actual 3D skybox to “cover up” the rest of the 3D skybox, but it acts as if it’s not even there and continues to show the rest of the 3D skybox (which causes several ugly graphical skyboxes in some place where it’s not needed)

Any advice?

Make sure you don’t have a sky_camera in your map.

But I have a 3D skybox…

The 3D and 2D skybox textures are supposed to work in conjunction to when you want to show the 3D skybox to when you don’t.

2D skybox still shows the 3D one.

Apparently it can’t be in the same PVS as a 3D skybox texture. I’ll have to do some debugging.

You might be missing the part with “Cannot be used in the same PVS as the skybox tool texture”

If the player can see both types of brushes then it will not function correctly.

Yeah-- I’ll have to do some debugging and see what’s up.

Does anyone know how to “split up” PVS’s?

Func_Visclusters, just remember to never cross them with water.

TopHattWaffle told me that the only way is to use hint and skip to split up the visibility. However, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try using func_viscluters.

Hint and Skip is for individual visleaves, for PVS (large collection of visleaves) use Func_Visclusters

I’m getting the same issue once more, except in this map, it couldn’t possibly be in the same PVS. The map has two layers-- completely seperate. The bottom one has a 3D skybox, and the top one has a 2D skybox. One is not rendered when in the other, so I don’t understand why the 2D skybox texture still shows a 3D skybox.

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Even when I replace every single god damn 3D skybox texture with a 2D one-- meaning there is not a 3D skybox texture in existence-- it still draws the 3D skybox.